"In the future, we've given up on controlling noise pollution. Open-plan spaces are the bane of stressed office-workers. Achieving personal silence is considered a personal responsibility."

I enjoy my (different brand of) noise-cancelling headphones, but this ad looks like the twentieth century's idea of a dystopian future. I could imagine it as an ad in Robocop. sony.com.au/electronics/headba

Dear internet, please stop making videos to tell me things that could be adequately explained in one paragraph of text.

Me goes to login to a website using the sign-up box.
"Sorry, you already have an account."

Seriously, stop doing this, webdevs. MAKE THE LOGIN MORE PROMINENT THAN THE SIGNUP BOX. It's really user-hostile when you don't.

non-Americans, why do we say cluster instead of clustre?

As someone who's getting into C64 assembly and Azure DevOps at the same time, this is very interesting to me. operation8bit.wordpress.com/20

Biggest protest turnout I've seen in my city for ten years as we call on the government to negotiate a pay rise across the entire Tasmanian public sector. They've had it capped for years, and costs of living are outstripping wages.

there's a mary knowles running for council and i'm wondering if she's related to solange

friends, i really love this painting my partner has hung. she based it on a photo my late dad took in the tasmanian highlands.

australia day should be february 29th to tell the rest of the world that nationalism is bullshit and once every four years is quite enough to collectively wank over ourselves thanks cobbers

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four-year-old has used my helping hands and receipts found around the house to create a blistering attack on capitalism and our inability to separate our selves from our possessions

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