Thanks for letting me jump on your neighbours relay, @aussocialadmin! Gets a bit quiet in a personal instance...

How do you cook a hard boiled egg? I fucked this one all the way up.

Yahoo exec: we're technologically irrelevant and our business is failing. We've already tried copying everything Google does but doing it worse AND we've already stolen people's information to feed them ads in their private emails! We need ideas NOW.

Employee: ugh I'm sorry I just can't concentrate on this. Last night I got scammed by one of those "free* computer repair" ads.. I lost thousands..

Yahoo exec: Johnson you're a fucking GENIUS

Impressive finish from the tail. Australia's top order just needs to learn to block before the next test and they'll be a force.

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@geordie Oh man, it's yours? I have just discovered it on Netflix, watched them all, now downloading old eps. The king of quiz shows.

"In the future, we've given up on controlling noise pollution. Open-plan spaces are the bane of stressed office-workers. Achieving personal silence is considered a personal responsibility."

I enjoy my (different brand of) noise-cancelling headphones, but this ad looks like the twentieth century's idea of a dystopian future. I could imagine it as an ad in Robocop.

Dear internet, please stop making videos to tell me things that could be adequately explained in one paragraph of text.

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